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Like millions of other college kids I arrived in Boston and immediately tuned in to WBCN radio, 104.1, the landmark free-form rock station that defined progressive FM radio. That I happened to arrive at the peak in the mid-70’s, when ‘BCN was routinely voted the country’s best rock station, was just my good luck, and when I left in the early 80s I missed the station. A lot. So when I heard in 2009 that ‘BCN was going off the air my first call was to Carter Alan, a long-time ‘BCN DJ and author of a well-regarded book on U2, and Radio Free Boston became my first signing at University Press of New England, and one of my favorite books ever.

by Carter Alan


with a Foreword by Steven Tyler

Radio Free Boston:

The Rise and Fall of WBCN


Northeastern University Press / UPNE

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